EMBROIDERY – \em-broi’-de-re\ The act of sewing an image onto a fabric with needles and thread.

Before embroidery can take place, there are a few steps that must be completed.photoembroidery

First, your logo has to be created in some sort of art format. Once the custom logo is designed, the crisp image is ready to be digitized.

Digitizing simply means re-drawing your logo in stitches. This can sometimes be a difficult and time consuming task. The more detail there is in your logo, the tougher it may be to create in a stitches format.

Once it is digitized, the thread colors can be selected. After color selection is made, it is time to load your garment onto the machine. The graphic is then stitched to the apparel.

Next, any extra thread is trimmed away for perfection. Your custom embroidered apparel is then inspected and ready to be shipped directly to you.