Screen Printing

Screen Printing

SCREEN PRINTING – \skren’ print-ing\ The process used to permanately print a colored image onto a garment.

There are many steps that take place to make custom screen printing happen. First, your artwork is color separated and each color is printed out in black on

film or vellum. A screen is then burned or exposed with an ultra violet light using a professional exposure unit.

There is a screen for every color and every image that we are screenprinting on each t-shirt. Once the image appears on the screen, it is then washed out with water and left to dry.

After drying, the screen is then taped and loaded onto the screen printing press. Once each color is set-up and registered (or lined up to each other), your custom screen printed tee shirt is ready to run.

After running your order on the press, the screen printed apparel will run down a long dryer belt to ensure that the ink is cured (will not wash off) to the garment. The image is literally baked onto the apparel.

After inspection for the perfect screen printed garment, your order is ready to be packaged and shipped to your door!